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How I create

I work with AI as a mise en abyme of my ideas by creating a sketch beforehand which I give to the AI which reinterprets the project and inspires me with new creations. This Droste effect is a graphic visualization of mise en abyme, it has existed in the arts for a long time but also in nature. AI is a fascinating tool for me because it translates my dreams into reality.

I can offer individuals and businesses multiple visual projects based on a single idea and then select the image that will become real to create an original painting or mural.

All the works presented here are made to order or created from an AI image. You can order an image featured here and choose the medium and format or we can work on a unique visual project that inspires you.

Sky is the limit…

Art is infinite and unfolds without limits of space and time. The image within an image is a dizzying concept for an artist because my job is to do something else every day.



Want to collabs?

I have always loved collaborating and sharing ideas. Do you think our universes can work? Do not hesitate to contact me if you are in art, fashion, design or decoration or if you need creative ideas for the universe of your brand… AI is an incredible tool for being able to project your ideas into reality.