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Why I paint

I’ve always been creative and find it hard to channel all my ideas into a single technique: I paint in acrylics, oils, ink, pastels and charcoal. I like gold leaf for the light. I explore texture, form and relief. Above all, I seek to express emotions through color and movement. My painting is primitivist, inspired by the primitive arts for the simplicity of the line, the contrast of bright colors and the representation of another reality between distortion and abstraction.

My creations are about the living, the representation of the living through singular portraits, and the cultural mix by playing with limits, time and space. I draw inspiration from the past to embody the present, but it’s the balance between shapes and colors, fullness and emptiness, and a certain idea of beauty that I’m looking to find. My speech is above all aesthetic because beauty is the splendor of truth (Platon).

“What I seek above all to communicate is an impression, an emotion through my work, which presupposes the idea of freedom: feeling rather than knowing. When a work touches us, it’s because we find something of ourselves.

My journey

I’ve been painting with inspiration for 20 years, and I describe my self-taught path with a formula: my artistic education is unformatted, just as my mind is unprejudiced. I don’t take myself too seriously and I’m constantly in doubt, which is my way of moving forward. The next work is always the best. I’m a creative explorer in constant evolution. My job is to do something different every day.

I created Art Vu because I believe that there can be no art without looking, whether at the world or at oneself, and an artist is simply someone who shows us a singular way of looking.

Through my work, I can transcend reality, imagine another world and share emotions. To paint life not as it is, but as I see it. Color is essential and gives me energy when I paint, but also when I look. It’s even more important than the drawing.

I often start with one color to begin a canvas. I say today, I feel like blue or red. But black is, as Matisse said, a color in itself that sums up and consumes all the others. That’s why it features so prominently in my work.

Last exhibition

In my workshop